I'm a Trainer, Coach and one time Author, with more then 10 years of hands-on leadership experience working with youth and young adults. While I discovered experiential training, learnt the craft of coaching, and found incredible fulfilment working as a personal development coach, I apprenticed as a carpenter, served in the german air force as a Station Instructor and Group Leader for the Basic Military Training, and concluded my professional career as choreographer and dancer with co-creating one of the most successful ballet and breakdance crossover productions in Germany.



No one escaped the Darkness alive. The Darkness had come. An evil scourge that sucked the life out of everything, leaving entire cities, countries and continents dead in its wake. Only one city remained, the last bastion of humanity in a lifeless, grey world. Encora.

Encora was once a magnificent place, filled with brilliant light. Its citizens were unique; they were superheroes. Each one had special powers, and the city thrived under their care. But with the Darkness came destruction and turmoil. Bit by bit, the heroes found their powers fading away. A massive wall was built, nuclear bombs were detonated, but still the Darkness crept closer. Fear and suspicion reigned. Encora now lived in dread, sealed off from the rest of the dead world by a colossal dome. But there was a prophecy.

A Beloved Son would come, and the Darkness would crumble at his feet.

And there was a young man, who never stopped believing. This is a story about fear and loss, hope and courage. This is a story about daring to be different, so that we can make a difference. Most of all, this is a story about love.

This unique book comes with chapter insights that help you expand your perceptions, challenge the mundane and listen to your heart.


"The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment.

Coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole. Standing on this foundation, the coach's responsibility is to: Discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve; Encourage client self-discovery; Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies; Hold the client responsible and accountable. This process helps clients dramatically improve their outlook on work and life, while improving their leadership skills and unlocking their potential.” (sourced from: )


Tom Haupt - Founder and CEO at Haupt International Leadership Training

"I had the unique pleasure to work closely with Sebastian at a leadership conference I was facilitating in Singapore last week. I was very impressed by his professionalism and willingness to take a stand for people. If given the opportunity to work with Sebastian in the future, take advantage of being in the presence of an extraordinary man that will inspire you to greatness!"


Marcel Nguyen - artistic gymnast, silver medal in the Olympics 2012 and 4th place as Team in the Olympics 2008

"The training with Sebastian was a lot of fun! And at the end I was perfectly prepared for my challenge. Since I'm a competitive sportsman myself, I know exactly which qualities are essential for a coach. He's patient, competent and if there's a problem he always finds a solution. It's been a great time!"


Titus Lindl - CEO and founder of WEGVISOR and Founding Partner in the John Maxwell Team

"To work as a trainer most of all you need to be gifted in observation. In addition you need the freedom not to assess or to judge the observed. Finally you need love and patience, thus may help the trainee to discover it themselves. All three capabilities I can find in Sebastian Schick."


Johannes Engels - Head of the Department for Culture in Würzburg -retired, University for Music Würzburg

"Sebastian Schick is one of those personalities who – despite their young age – get our attention and wake our interest. He excels as coach, speaker and trainer because of his receptivity, sensitivity and judgment, through which he quickly wins other people’s trust and offers a safe space to open up. In his exchange with different generations he remains highly teachable and is able to pass on gained experiences to younger people. His interaction with people of different social sectors and age groups stands out through immense human knowledge and empathy. He always knows how to motivate and inspire his partners and to encourage them to perform extraordinarily."


Gene Dunaway, president of Sustain Strategies Inc.

“Sebastian stands out as a ‘bright star’ among the people I have worked with. He is creative, generative, follows through, positive, energetic, persevering, grounded, confident without a hint of arrogance and works well with others. He is truly an amazing person and I give him my highest recommendation.”


Chris Böhm - 2 times winner of German BMX Flatland Championship, CEO and founder of newscoolflatland Events

"I first worked with Sebastian at the Juzo Event in Berlin. He was hosting my new show “BMtriX” (BMX and Tricking). I found it great how he integrated himself into the encore after the show. He not only hosts professionally but has cool breakdance moves, too. Thumbs up!"


Anna Vita - ballet director at the Mainfranken Theater

"When it comes to teamwork, motivation, organisation, flexibility, spontaneity and being a leader of a group, Sebastian Schick is an exceptional talent. The collaboration for "Schneewitchen - Breaking Out" at the Mainfranken Theater in Würzburg has also been artistically inspiring. He demonstrated excellent empathetic skills when capturing the important aspects of the dramaturgy, and knew how to implement these for himself and his breakdancers in a humorous, brisk and theatrically plausible way. With tremendous endurance and discipline he finishes his work and never loses his cheerfulness and his quick-thinking. In his teaching and conveying of the art of breakdance, he gained a lot of respect from the dancers within the ballet company. With these excellent qualities in tow, I can recommend Sebastian Schick in good conscience as an employee, choreographer, teacher and coach in many areas."


Linda Grauschopf - certified social education worker, Head of the youth centre Bechtolsheimer Hof (Würzburg)

"We at the youth centre ‘B-Hof’ appreciate Sebastian Schick’s work at numerous events a lot. He always impresses with a big sovereignty and spontaneity. Most of all his ability to motivate the attendees and to integrate the audience of the event, as well as his particular rhetorical skills characterise him. Easily he inspires the audience with his entertaining and charming type and by that he’s to be recommended for kids and youth events, without any limitations."


Andreas Blum - certified teacher, business coach at Talentify and CEO of PersoNova

"I appreciate Sebastian a lot because he has got an understanding of the work with children and youths like hardly another. He is capable of detecting the kid’s talents in an inspiring, enthralling and professional way and to arouse their motivation and zest for life. Sebastian is as a trainer, coach and moderator a precious encourager and a true benefit to every big and small youth event."


Levent Kotil - dancer and illustrator

"When I first attended my private dance class I got to know Sebastian not only as a dancer but as coach as well. Time after time I realised that he didn't only help me to improve my moves. But he also taught me how to get forward in life. For example, to believe in myself, to be confident in my own skin, to make the best of what I have, to listen to myself, to do things that I want to do and, especially, to love myself. I think to really love is the key to be of great service to people. And Sebastian has that."


Anissa Nasser - Assistant Manager, Sprachzentrum Süd in Holzkirchen

"Sebastian Schick worked as a camp leader in our German language camp located in Munich Castle for international students (14 to 17 years old) which we organized in cooperation with GLS Berlin. The camp leader is responsible for up to 55 students per week and has to coordinate the staff, the students and the German teachers. He is also responsible of the welfare of the students, organizing activities and excursion programs together with the staff  and has to fulfill administrative tasks such as the coordination of transfers. Sebastian showed great professionalism and leadership as a camp leader and was able to establish an excellent rapport with the students and the staff. The teenagers who come from all over the world were enthusiastic about the dancing classes he offered. We would love to work with him again!"


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